Conference: Decolonizing Philosophy

3 min

Thursday 15 and Friday 16 April 2021

Format: online - Blackboard Collaborate


Two Day Workshop

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About the conference

The workshop Decolonizing Philosophy aims to invite (young) researchers to think off the beaten path of the university. The workshop will discuss questions such as: how can or should philosophy be decolonized? What is the relationship between whiteness and the academic institution?


What do we do with curricula and libraries? What do we know about non-Western philosophy? What role does language play in the process of decolonization?


Through both a public lecture series and small-scale workshops, we will discuss not only what decolonization means, but also how we as researchers can effectively contribute to it.



The workshop aims to give young researchers in philosophy the opportunity to get acquainted with the decolonization of philosophy. It is designed to offer tools for antiracism that researchers can go on to use in their own philosophical work.


The workshop consists of four reading groups and four workshops. These are our speakers for the afternoon workshops:

  • Aincre Evans (15th of April)
  • Seunghyun Song (15th of April)
  • Grâce Ndjako (16th of April)
  • Rachida Aziz (16th of April)

The afternoon workshops are preceded by small, parallel reading and discussion sessions in the morning. The speakers themselves have chosen texts that will then be discussed. Participants are required to read those texts before the workshop starts so that they can discuss these with others in small reading groups. At the end of every reading group, participants will formulate a set of questions that the moderator will present to the speaker during their afternoon session.


A few weeks after the two-day event, on the 6th of May, an aftertalk will take place. We invite participants to share what they have learned from the event and think about ways to put this knowledge to work in their research practices and academic life in general.


For more information on the programme, the speakers and their talks, take a look at the programme page.


For whom?

The workshop is aimed at young researchers (PhD students and postdoctoral researchers) in philosophy, but all those who are interested are welcome. The number of participants in the reading groups is limited in order to facilitate involved conversations and discussions.


The afternoon sessions can be attended by everyone. Participation in the morning reading groups is not required for attending the afternoon sessions.



This workshop is organized by a group of PhD researchers and postdocs affiliated to the Philosophy Department of the University of Antwerp. The event has received funding from the Flemish Government (OJO - Omkadering Jonge Onderzoekers) and the Philosophy Department of the University of Antwerp.



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