Conference: The Future of Global Cooperation

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Conference Announcement

Theme: The Future of Global Cooperation

Subtitle: Ethics and Governance

Type: Global Negotiation Conference

Institution: Department of Philosophy and Europa Institute, University of Zurich

Location: Online

Date: 22.–23.1.2021


The Future of Global Cooperation

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The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated both the necessity of and challenges to global cooperation. This conference will reflect on the role that diplomacy can play as a tool to overcome some of the most pressing issues facing the world. Organized by the Global Negotiation Conference in collaboration with the Chair of Political Philosophy and the Centre for Ethics at the University of Zurich, the goal of the conference is to link young professionals and students with senior professionals and academics to discuss contemporary topics in the field of diplomacy and negotiation. To this end, the virtual conference will comprise of one keynote speech, and three expert-led panel discussions centered on the overarching theme of the “The Future of Global Cooperation: Ethics and Governance.


Keynote Address


"Reflections on the Future of Global Cooperation"

​Angela Kane, Vice President, International Institute for Peace; Senior Fellow, Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation; Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations


Panel Discussions​

  • Panel 1: "Challenges to Global Cooperation"
    • The panel considers the growing popular scepticism on international treaties and organisations, and explores possibilities for a way forward for international cooperation.
    • Expert: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walter, Director of the Center for Comparative and International Studies, University of Zurich


  •  Panel 2: "Regulating the Digital Sphere?"
    • The panel presents an example of a novel area of international cooperation and discusses the role of both the nation state and international institutions in the regulation of the digital sphere.
    • Expert: Anriette Esterhuysen, Chair, United Nations Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group


  • Panel 3: "For a New Global Social Contract"
    • The panel focuses on the role of diplomacy in establishing and implementing global governance rules for the provision of the (global) public good.
    • Expert: Prof. Dr. Adil Najam, Inaugural Dean, Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University


Main Discussant: Jerome Bellion-Jourdan, Senior Fellow in Residence, Global Governance Centre, The Graduate Institute Geneva.



Registration is open to all those who are interested, while graduate students can also apply to take part in one of the panels.


For more information on the program and how to register please visit the conference website.



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