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Executive Personal Assistant
Lokacija Rad od kuće
Rok za prijavu 30.04.2023.
Postavljeno 31.03.2023.
500 - 1.000 USD (mesečna plata)
Puno radno vreme
2. smena
Potrebno je do jedne godine radnog iskustva

Executive Personal Assistant (Full-Time):

Do you love organizing things? Are you detail-oriented, and do you love learning new things? This role may be for you.

I am an executive looking for a personal assistant to help me with a lot of personal & business needs. I am looking for someone who is highly available online.

Which qualities should you have?

There are a few qualities and character traits that are imperative for this role:

  • You’re super organized and know how to organize files, folders and information for ease of retrieval
  • A firm believer in the 80/20 rule; you are good at identifying the most important tasks to work on and see the big picture
  • Good at figuring things out. This is a big one. The perfect candidate gets great joy from coming up with clever solutions for problems
  • Nearly fluent written and spoken English required
  • Passionate about learning new things

The role will involve on things, such as:

  • Being around a CEO (Through Skype conversations and tasks), and learning, which could be very helpful and useful for you.
  • Helping with travel needs: Helping with finding the best options of flights & accommodations & trips and anything in between which is related to travel.
  • Calling different companies, to arrange meetings or ask for specific requests.
  • Managing shipments.
  • Doing research on a wide variety of topics. From personal, to business topics.
  • Preparing presentations in Powerpoint.
  • Scheduling meetings/calls
  • Handling anything personal which may be needed
  • Handling any business task which I need help with
  • Any other varied tasks, which is supposed to help improve and make my life better.


Location is unimportant, as long as you are available, enthusiastic, committed, passionate, and more or less permanently online. Show us why you are worth it, and why we should do anything we can to keep you happy. We are looking only for the best. If you are not the best, please do not apply.

Requirements (If you do not meet even one, please do not apply):

  • Excellent English skills (read & write & speaking).
  • Ability to work from home without distraction
  • Ability to respond promptly and politely.
  • Good decision making skills.
  • Being a positive, hard working, fun guy or gal.
  • Being able to think outside the box.
  • Being highly available online.

Where? When?

You can work from absolutely anywhere. We’ll be communicating via Skype & email & WhatsApp mainly. You can work more or less whenever you want as long as we can fit it in around the needs & tasks in hand. We do not have a specific set of times for now.

Being flexible is key – We need someone who will be able to work on weekends sometimes as well (and take time off during the week, consequently) - we are looking for someone asap, the sooner the better, tomorrow wouldn’t be out of the question, in fact tomorrow would be good.

Next steps:

  1. Fill out the form

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