Desall contest: Calzavara Multifunctional Urban Structure

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Calzavara and Desall invite you to participate in a new contest focused on designing a new antenna, a telecommunications structure that seamlessly combines its primary function with elements of urban furniture and ambient intelligence services.

Desall contest: Calzavara Multifunctional Urban Structure

Calzavara is looking for fresh concepts and designs for multifunctional urban furniture structures. These structures will house mobile phone antennas and other radio devices while also functioning as attractive and/or functional aspects.

The “macro” mobile cell phone antennas will always be at the top, while the radio devices will typically be put in an accessible area near the base (lower section).
Given the structure’s urban destination, the remaining parts can be designed to host ambient intelligence services such as cameras, advertising or informational LED screens, advertising decorative elements (e.g., banners), lighting, electric charging for cars or scooters, and urban furniture elements such as benches, bicycle racks, and so on.

Submission Deadline

Deadline: 17 September 2024


Award: €5000


Participation is free of charge and open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older.

Official Page

For detailed guidelines and submissions, visit this site.

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