An all-women panel discussion on how to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit of women in tech

2 min

HTEC Group is celebrating International Women’s Day by organizing an online all-women panel discussion.


Keep learning growing innovating

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Keep learning. Growing. Innovating., whose aim is to highlight the importance of an inclusive culture in tech.

Date: March 8, 2021, @ 4PM

This networking and educational event will bring together high-level women executives and experts who have substantial experience in diverse technology and business communities, to discuss innovative trends, share their success recipes, and make valuable connections.

The event’s core mission is to motivate young women in the tech industry to create greater impact within their fields of action but also to help companies identify ways in which they can empower the entrepreneurial spirit in women throughout their careers.

The panelists with different backgrounds, ranging from startups and international organizations to multinational corporations, will talk about the challenges and opportunities currently available on the tech scene. They will share their experiences and development paths, as well as their leadership strategies and the methodologies they implement in their companies and communities to spur innovation and the spirit of constant personal development.

Our panelist are:

  • Maja Anđelković, Team Lead for Digital Entrepreneurship @ The World Bank
  • Marija Desivojević Cvetković, Senior Vice President @ Delta Holding
  • Branislava Gajić Stanojević, Co-owner and Chief Corporate Development Officer @ Infostud Grupa
  • Sanja Bogdanović Dinić, Technology & Delivery Lead @ HTEC Group
  • Stefanija Lukić, Co-founder and CEO @ Just Smart Co

The panel moderator is our Chief of Staff and Portfolio Manager @ HTEC Group, Katarina Urošević.

HTEC Group has historically empowered women on their path to success. This panel and the experiences shared, will help the company further improve its support to the professional and personal growth of women in the company.




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