Decoding The Future of HR - Webinar

3 min

The pandemic changed the business world as we know it, so HR had to evolve and fast.


Decoding The Future of HR

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What were the challenges? What should we focus on, and which is the new role of HR professionals?

What will the future HR trends bring and do we have the right tools to meet them?


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Friday, February 19, 2021 at 3 PM UTC+01


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Ben Greeven, Founder, Thalento

With more than 35 years of experience, Ben Greeven has been facing the various issues of PEOPLE – the core/bottom line of each and every business. Throughout his career, his continued focus has been Human Resources, since 2006, increasingly driven by Tech and recently powered with AI solutions. Ben believes that integrated HR technology frees up time for HR professionals and provides advanced, transparent insights into people and processes. Thus at last putting PEOPLE first in the center of HR.
Aleksandra Dutina, HR director, Carlsberg Serbia

A lawyer by profession, a philanthropist by definition. Aleksandra worked first as a lawyer and later in human resources, during the time when the HR practice was just at its beginning in Serbia. She worked in different industries: aviation, hospitality, and now in the FMCG, nurturing a healthy organizational culture, continuously improving people and processes, embracing change, and supporting organizations in their short and long-term strategies.
Mihailo Janković, CEO, MK Group

Seasoned CEO with the entrepreneurial disposition and proven track record in leading businesses through a business turnaround, strategic transformation, and organizational restructuring enabling sustainable business growth. He led a variety of predominantly FMCG companies, from small start-up and incubation companies to large iconic companies in need of a major turnaround. He often emphasizes people development, supporting and enabling people to reach their full potential and developing new generations of leaders.


Iwona Suchomska, CEO, Thalento International

English philologist, pedagogue, and HRM specialist by education. Professionally pursuing her carer within Human Resources as recruiter, consultant, advisor, trainer, assessor, and manager. A female entrepreneur, hard on the ground, with the soul of a social activist. For 15 years now she has been running Keystone Consulting, whose main goal is to change people management styles in business. Together with a team of consultants, she supports clients in modern human resources management and advises on change processes, which constantly affect companies and their employees.


Sonia Cardoso, Executive director, SLOT

Sonia graduated in Business Management in ’99, with a specialization in Social Communication. Her career started in SIEMENS A.G, her path to HR started in RANDSTAD, where she opened a new business in ADECCO, but culminated by opening SLOT Human Resources (2006). Sonia had her first approach on Consultancy and E-Assessments in 2012, and in 2017 she had her first contact with Ben Greeven and THALENTO. Since then, I’ve been developing workshops, webinars, talks, and write frequently opinion articles about People, People Analytics, Development, Talent.


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