Raimon Panikkar Prize 2021.

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The Raimon Panikkar Prize is an international award instituted by Fundació Vivarium Raimon Panikkar in the centenary of his birth, with the aim of spreading his thought and promoting its study.


Raimon Panikkar Prize

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Fundació Vivarium Raimon Panikkar, is a non-profit organization founded by Raimon Panikkar himself for promoting interreligious studies. It is the legacy of the Foundation to pursue the aims of its Founder by completing the publication of his writings and fostering the continuation of his studies.


This prize will be awarded to young authors of an original, unpublished study on the thought and works of Raimon Panikkar, written in one of the languages in which Raimon Panikkar’s collective works (Opera Omnia) are being published, or German (although the Opera Omnia is not being published in this language yet). There will be one prize for each of the languages. Each prize is sponsored by Fundació Vivarium Raimon Panikkar in partnership with the publishing house of the relative Opera Omnia edition.


Each prize will consist in:

  • the publication of the study
  • the gift of one copy of the complete set (18 volumes) of Raimon Panikkar’s Opera Omnia
  • a cash prize of 3,000 euros.



Admission is reserved for young scholars or students (aged under 40 on the date of the submission).


The nationality of the candidate is irrelevant; only the language is.


Indicatively, the study should be of the extent and level of a PhD thesis work, without necessarily being a university dissertation (around 200 pages, 50,000 words). The study must be original, unpublished and complete (ready for publication). Uncompleted drafts and course notes shall not be accepted.


Partly published studies or new editions of previously published works shall only be accepted if - at the discretion of the jury - the work has undergone major revision and extension. In this case, the candidate must provide a copy of the previous publication with all relevant details.


Character of the study

The evaluation criteria will be established by the appointed jury. Indicatively the work should include a deep insight of R. Panikkar’s thought and also perspectives of any application of his vision of reality in the contemporary world, besides having a good linguistic style.


Merely biographical works will not be considered.



Applications must be submitted by e-mail to info@raimon-panikkar.org by April 1st, 2022.
In the application the candidate must include his/her personal details: name and address, age, nationality and affiliation (if any).
The application must be accompanied by a declaration by the candidate stating that the study is original, unpublished and complete (ready for publication). The manuscript must be submitted in digital form (PDF format) and sent together with the application by the submission deadline.


The members of the juries (one jury for each prize/language) will be eminent experts on the thought and works of Raimon Panikkar, selected and appointed by the Council of the Vivarium Raimon Panikkar Foundation. The judging panel will also include the President or a delegate of the Foundation and a representative from the publishing house of the relative Opera Omnia edition.
The jury reserves the right to withhold the prize should none of the submitted studies be considered worthy.

Notification of competition results

All the applicants will receive a notification of the competition results by August 31st, 2022.

Competition management

The competition is co-ordinated by Fundació Vivarium Raimon Panikkar. For inquiries, please visit the official website of the Foundation www.raimon-panikkar.org (IT, CA, EN, ES, FR, DE) or contact directly info@raimon-panikkar.org.


The publishers of Raimon Panikkar’s collective works (Opera Omnia) which are co-sponsoring this prize are:
  • Italian - Editoriale Jaca Book, Milano, Italia
  • Catalan - Fragmenta Editorial, Barcelona, España
  • French - Les Éditions du Cerf, Paris, France
  • Spanish - Herder Editorial, Barcelona, España
  • English - - Orbis Books, Maryknoll York, NY, USA
  • English (in India) - Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, New Delhi, India
  • German - to be defined
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